From Knowledge to Wisdom

Keystone Academy strives to ignite the fire of learning in its students while equipping parents to be effective, confident teachers. Based on classical methods, our curriculum moves students through the natural progression from knowledge to wisdom.

While our curriculum and teaching are influenced by the classical model of education, we also believe in educating the whole child (not just his or her mind). Memorization is important, as are hands-on activities, exploration, creativity, and the formation of good habits.


lower school

Pre-K to 4th Grades

Beginning in the lower school, students establish strong foundations in the mechanics of reading, writing, grammar, composition, and math. History is learned as a chronological story and used as a base for literature selections and geography study. Science is explored in a hands-on manner through guided experimentation.


middle school

5th to 8th Grades

During the middle school years, students will move from learning rules and accumulating facts to analyzing and asking why. As they study grammar, composition, and literature, the focus will be learning how to support a thesis. In history we will discover how events are connected and begin recognizing patterns. Math and science develop from memorization of facts to applying formulas and using the scientific method.


upper school

9th to 12th Grades

Finally, in the rhetoric stage, students are engaged with the great minds of the past. Classic literature is our core; complementary subjects (such as history and Latin) are also covered. With an emphasis on critical thinking, students communicate the truths they’ve acquired in these subjects and learn to express their thoughts effectively and articulately.


Creative Electives

3rd to 8th Grades

In addition to core academic classes, Keystone offers creative electives. Our current schedule of creative electives includes Art Basics, Theater: Set and Costume Design, and Theater: Acting.